SSL Certificates

What is it?

SSL and Secure Certificates provide security for your website by encrypting communications between the server and the person visiting the website.

For example:

Google's recent release of Chrome 68 now displays the message of "Not Secure" for any website that does not use an SSL encryption. This DOES NOT impact the MicroSoft Edge browser. This is only a warning to visitors and does not affect your website itself.

For what it’s worth, Chrome is not alone in posting warnings next to HTTP sites; Firefox has explored it also. Between the two, they hold 73 percent of browser market share. In addition, Google notes that the vast majority of Chrome traffic—76 percent on Android, and 85 percent on Chrome OS—already travels across an HTTPS connection.

Wired magazine's article on this subject is extensive, but a synopsis is:

"...Under an unencrypted HTTP connection, any information that you send across the web can be intercepted by a hacker or other bad actors. In extreme cases, like in what are called man-in-the-middle attacks, someone could pose as a destination site—tricking you into handing over your credentials, credit card info, or other sensitive information."

The full story can be read here: